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Trending: Bold Color

April 5, 2022
Crypton Mayer Centric Bold Color

New Fabrics Help Inspire Optimism

Every designer knows that color and mood are inextricable. Around the design world in 2022 the desired mood alteration is toward the pursuit of happiness. The Spring fashion runways with their exuberant reds, purples, oranges, greens and pinks also portend a move to bolder color in interiors for 2023 and beyond. The emergence of bright colors (and bold patterns!) in design may indicate the pure joy born of gathering once more in person after two years of separation. Even if it’s just a desire to add a touch of whimsy, these bright colors and bold patterns in textiles are a great way for designers to inspire optimism. It seems we may look forward to interiors that fire the pleasure centers and conjure the unabashed delight of parades, circuses, popsicles, balloons and other childhood sense memories.

At Crypton, these brights and bolds have recently found a place on standout performance fabrics from two of the brand’s contract textile partners, United Fabrics and Mayer Fabrics. In the case of all of these high-color styles, design teams at the fabric houses are confidently combining these fresh color stories with enthusiastic patterning.


Mayer Adds Fanfare and Something Bubbly

At Mayer, Fanfare, (above) from the firm’s Fiesta collection adds high voltage color to a fan pattern that combines sweeping curves with angled geometry. Bright splashes of crimson, turquoise, cobalt, marigold, emerald green and harvest gold prevail. The colors pop against grounds of pure white, clear blue and pale silver and subtle weave variations create refined texture. Mayer’s new Centric (preview, top, coming soon) offers a fresh, bubbly look with patterned circles forming a hive-like pattern across complementary background colors. These two new styles will stay as beautiful as they start, even in the most demanding commercial spaces, thanks to Crypton’s superior stain, odor and spill protection.


Rethinking Color

As contract and commercial design has opened up again in early 2022, designers are rethinking color combinations. Many are mixing the main color trends of statement greens and blues with daring hot oranges, shining yellows and saturated reds. Also taming down the lot so the color doesn’t read like a passing fancy is a soothing mix of earthbound tones and cocooning neutrals.

United Offers Pomp and Parade

At United, Parade adds a whimsical edge to a bold design, landing somewhere between a geometric and a stripe.  United’s Pomp is a sophisticated play on a classic damask pattern. Pomp has a chunky, framework style motif woven in cozy chenille yarns. So expect the perfect combination of comfortable and chic. Woven in great colorways and protected by Crypton Nanotex, Parade and Pomp are ready for high traffic use. As a result, these ACT performance-rated fabrics combine statement making style with stellar performance.


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