The Emotional Language of Color: S/S 2024 Crypton Trend Report  - Crypton

The Emotional Language of Color: S/S 2024 Crypton Trend Report 

May 17, 2024

The Emotional Language of Color: S/S 2024 Crypton Trend Report 

Spring 2024: Nature-Inspired Soothing, Healing, and Energizing Color Palettes 

What better way to bring these stories to life than by pulling color and texture inspiration from nature? For Spring 2024 and looking ahead into the coming year, we are freshly focused on mid-toned colors like the ones represented by mineral exploration in The Book of Earth by Heidi Gustafston. 

These tones are a welcome addition to the timelessness of sophisticated neutral hues. They radiate cheerfulness and evoke a sense of understated luxury. The colors, just like the minerals that inspired them, have a chalky overlay that makes them easy to incorporate into the home and serve as a neutral foundation for more radiant pops.  

Although these mineral-rich, nature-inspired textures and tones are having a moment, we predict they will continue playing a huge role in interiors through the end of the year and into 2025. Download our full Spring 2024 Trend report and individual inspiration palette pages below!  

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