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Trending and Timeless: Fresh New Velvety Textile Textures

March 1, 2019
Crypton Trending and Timeless

They’re rich, soft, lustrous and lush. And those are only some of the reasons that velvety textures are having a long, luxurious moment in interior design, one that is destined to extend well into the future. These fabrics have had significant design relevance since antiquity, and their timeless qualities make them a perfect choice for upholstery circa 2019.

Associated with elegance and exclusivity (the velvet rope) and nobility (the velvet robes) these plush pretties are also known for their more humble, soothing and even transformative characteristics (The Velveteen Rabbit). ?Of course, there?s also their rock star radiance. Think Velvet Underground, Mick Jagger and Beyonc? rocking that black velvet fascinator.

There’s something special about having these fabrics in your home, your restaurant, in your life. In times of uncertainty, they calm us and reassure with their steadfast gentleness and lasting beauty. In times of abundance they shimmer, looking every bit as precious as they are and reflecting the luminous glow of good times and candlelit evenings.

Another great appeal is their ability to absolutely radiate color. Whether you lean towards tones borrowed from rainbows, peacocks and exotic spice markets, or the sumptuous neutrals of nature ranging from rich earth tones to leafy greens or ocean blues, the velvety textures are among the best for maximizing color impact.

The cool curves of Cisco Brothers’ Genevieve Chair and a Half are even more pronounced when it’s upholstered in Lacey Silver Crypton performance fabric with its crushed velvet texture.

Another characteristic of the velvety textiles is how beautifully they show off the design details of any upholstered piece. Although usually a solid color, their texture helps them reflect light at the high points of a silhouette such as the curve of a chair back or the edge of a welt. In contrast they appear to deepen dramatically in the depths of a button tuft or channel tuft.

Crypton performance velvet fabric is a bold and stunning choice to create both drama and comfort on a tufted chair in a hotel lobby bar design.

These types of fabrics were historically thought of as quite perishable, and the silk velvets of antiquity certainly were. In the Renaissance, the first golden age of fine fabrics, their beauty was fleeting. Their short warp pile could be damaged or worn away, their silk stained easily just by a drop of water. Not so today. Fabric innovation from Crypton brings performance like never before to these beloved velvety textures. Crypton’s versions, for residential and even commercial use, will last and last while repelling spills and resisting stains and odor, with a clean-ability that?s second to none. Even oil-based stains are no match for Crypton?s durability.

Knowing that velvety look will last, choosing a style that will also endure is important. Crushed velvet styles, where the pile is intentionally manipulated to create a more intricate texture are very popular now in fashion, home and commercial furnishings. They’re as right in this decade as they were in glamorous 1920s, the glittery 1970s and most recently in the go-go 1990s. These crushed velvet looks have grown increasingly more sophisticated and nuanced this time around. In fact, currently they?re among the most in-demand looks from Crypton. Because of their sophistication and approachability, they are in it for the long haul, and will add value to your design long into the future.

The best of both worlds, soft and strong, Crypton performance crushed velvet texture fabric is sumptuous to the touch, but plenty resilient enough to create a sturdy, sleek sling chair cover.

Velvet and assorted velvety looks in a rainbow of incredible colors from Crypton Home Fabric may be found in furniture and fabric stores nationwide and to the trade through residential fabric and furniture showrooms. On the contract side, many beautiful looks, including the just-released Burch Fabrics’ line aptly named Glamour and C.F. Stinson’s fabulous Ritz are at-the-ready for hospitality, retail, office and multi-use residential specification.

To-the-trade for hospitality, retail, office or residential use, Burch offers new Glamour, merging a velvet aesthetic with Crypton performance in 16 colors (from top): Smoke, Seal, Wisteria, Blush, Autumn, Coconut, Parchment, Medallion, Olive, Sage, Pine, Atlantic, Anchor, Midnight, Onyx and Mink.

Wherever you place them, Crypton?s delicious velvet looks will add timeless appeal to any interior. We?d love to see (and share) how you design with them. Please post and tag @cryptonfabric or send us a snapshot of your velvety designs.

Photos in this post courtesy of: Burch Fabrics, Cisco Brothers, Huntington House and Crypton.

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