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Layered Beauty: The Anna Elisabeth Collections

March 6, 2023
Crypton Home Fabric layered beauty texture luxury performance fabric

Skillful layering is as important in contemporary or modernist interiors as it is in traditional spaces. It is one of the factors that separates a luxury interior from an ordinary one. Four new residential decorative Crypton performance fabric collections at trade-only showroom Anna Elisabeth offer design pros myraid ways to layer using color, texture and pattern. Read on for all of the inspiration!

Anna Elisabeth is a dynamic, woman-owned fabric company offering thousands of luxury home textiles, curated into themed sample books that inspire and add ease to the specification process. Designers can shop Anna Elisabeth fabrics online or in their North Carolina showroom.

Crypton velvet boucle linen chambray luxury performance home upholstery fabrics layered
Textures such as velvets, bouclés and linens offer many possibilities for luxury interiors.

Their newest collections of Crypton Home fabrics employ versatile neutrals in warm and cool tones and luxurious and refined textures with a nod to nature’s most desirable fibers. Spill, stain and odor resistant Crypton Home fabrics in the new collections include ideally layerable tweeds, bouclés, linens, velvets and more, organized into color families. The collections are:

crypton performance fabric spill resistant upholstery home interior design
Neutrals of all stripes distinguish the new Anna Elisabeth Crypton Home collections.


Pale, warm neutrals are the palette for CANVAS. Whites, ivories, beiges and creams create a coordinated palette for the minimalist, the naturalist or the designer who is creating an intentional pastel-neutral envelope or foundation in a space. The fabrics create an air of openness, but are warm enough to feel inviting and luxurious. Texture is key here, and there are some classical all-over patterns to add a dash of tone-on-tone interest. Notably “S5548 Wicker” delivers both the pattern and color of its namesake.

Crypton fabric home colors stain resistant upholstery sofa chair
Fabrics from the four new Anna Elisabeth Crypton Home Collections.


For rooms where you’re looking to create drama while staying in a neutral palette, DUNES provides more than 5 dozen deeply luxurious options. The fabrics are feather-soft, yet visually they evoke dappled light on a forest pathway, tree bark, linen, wood grain, silken sand dunes and other of nature’s most stunning sights. From softer oyster and oatmeal tones to deeper hemp, chai and mushroom all the way to bold espresso, toffee and chocolate hues, DUNES is a foray into the power of sophisticated neutrals.

Crypton Home fabric made in America handcraft performance woven luxury layered
Special yarns, spun at the Crypton Mills in North Carolina add texture interest.


An ode to indigo, nature’s rare and prized fabric dye, the DENIM assortment at Anna Elisabeth will make you dream everything blue that you’ve ever loved. From your first chambray shirt to the haunting beauty of the night sky, DENIM allows you to create a room that combines the comfort of familiarity with the dreaminess of sky, sea and air. Replete with refined textures like oxford cloth, couture tweeds and chenilles tha invite touch, DENIM also offers patterns galore: stripes, geometrics, all-over organic looks and plains with range that offer movement and draw the eye through a space.

Crypton performance fabric layered green woven patterns upholstery
The BOHO collection offers green tones from nature along with complementary hues in rich textures and distinctive patterns.


The most color-filled of the new groupings, Boho’s calming greens (celadon, moss, jade, ivy) and energizing reds (blossom, woodrose, lipstick, adobe) are brought together with a mix of cool and deep blues, blush-to-coral tones and earthy warm greys. The resulting palette is much like you’d see outdoors in nature, evoking a fresh, airy, field-of-flowers vibe. Boho has tiny, all-over prints, textural solids and jaunty stripes, even a bold plaid.

Find them all, and order your sample books at

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