Sustainable and Spill Proof - Cotton Performance Upholstery Fabric from Crypton Home - Crypton

Sustainable and Spill Proof - Cotton Performance Upholstery Fabric from Crypton Home

July 1, 2022
Crypton Home Performance Cotton Recycled Sustainable Fabric

Meet the First Ever Cotton Performance Fabric from Crypton Home

If “Performance Cotton” sounds like a dream, that’s because until now, it was. For decades, the use of natural fibers in upholstery fabrics that repel spills, resist stains and clean easily was impossible. Cotton’s natural softness and absorbency allow it to take on color beautifully and feel delightful to the touch, qualities that might also have made it vulnerable to the spills and stains inherent in everyday life. Now, Crypton Home has developed deeply textural, feather-soft and eco-smart indoor upholstery fabrics with 50% – 70% recycled cotton plus renowned stain-resisting performance. These sustainable, American-made fabrics can now be found in leading furniture showrooms nationwide.

This eco-friendly performance upholstery fabric innovation employs cotton yarns made using closed-loop recycling technology. This process includes cutting and shredding cotton apparel that would otherwise be considered waste. It’s made into valuable new fiber and ultimately pure cotton yarn. This Recovertex technology, which was honored among the Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards, up until now has primarily been used in the apparel industry. Crypton brings it to upholstery fabrics which are woven in-house at The Crypton Mills in North Carolina. They’re further enhanced with Crypton’s patented spill, stain and odor resistant technology. The Performance Cottons, like all Crypton Home fabrics, are GREENGUARD Gold certified for sustainability. Crypton Performance Cottons are easy to clean and suitable for residential interiors and some luxury hospitality applications.

Evocative Textures Add Sophistication to Earth-Friendly Designs

With textures reminiscent of a beloved teddy bear or favorite dress shirt, Crypton Performance Cotton makes its debut in the furniture collections of three of the country’s top home furnishings manufacturers: Cisco Home, Rowe Fine Furniture and Universal Furniture. A broad range of performance cotton by the yard has also debuted at United Fabric. Here are the details:

Cotton Performance Upholstered Furniture from Cisco Home

Los Angeles based American maker Cisco Home is a brand that is devoted to environmental mindfulness, craftsmanship and furnishings made in America. They offer two of the Crypton cottons. Swaddle, a textural upholstery version of your favorite teddy bear, and Carta, a modern, minimalist weave in beautiful neutrals. They can be had on the American maker’s chairs, sofas, upholstered beds and more. “This addition means that our design customer can have access to sustainable fabrics that are beautiful, soft and easy to clean,” says Camilla Trigano, Director of Marketing for Cisco Home. “As founding partners of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), we always begin making a piece of furniture with sustainability in mind,” Camilla Trigano adds. “The work that Crypton is doing aligns with our business philosophies, as they are using fibers from discarded garments and recycling unused materials.”

Cotton Performance Upholstered Furniture from Rowe

Fynn, a fashionable contrast weave is featured on Rowe’s Pfifer Chair. Lah Dee Dah, a cloud-soft, playfully nubby, matte chenille is the featured fabric on the Neval sectional at Rowe in a choice of colors Snow or Cream. David Shilesky, Senior Vice-President of Marketing for Rowe Furniture, says, “Based on Rowe’s ongoing sustainability efforts, the Crypton Performance Cotton is a perfect match. The design community is consistently faced with the challenge of creating a beautiful environment for their clients with livable and comfortable materials. Based on our current climate, the option for a performance fabric that is responsibly produced, comfortable and resistant to stains creates a tremendous value for the marketplace.”

Cotton Boucle Performance Upholstery from Universal Furniture

A exclusive Crypton Performance Cotton bouclé created exclusively for Universal will be featured on the upcoming Tranquility furniture collection by Miranda Kerr. The line reflects her approach to creating a happy and healthy home. The Universal fabric complements Kerr’s other carefully curated materials such as exotic stone and Bird’s Eye Maple.

“We are very excited to bring this fabric to market as part of our collaboration with Miranda Kerr,” Neil MacKenzie, Vice-President of Marketing at Universal Furniture told trade magazine Designers Today. “Performance without having to sacrifice on style or looks is very important to us, and as the mother of three boys, to Miranda as well. This launch supports our ability to continue to offer fashion forward looks that can stand up to everyday living. When you can get what you want and truly live with it – and not around it – that’s what makes a home a home.” adds MacKenzie.

Even More Crypton Performance Cottons

For those who seek a unique, custom-upholstered design, Crypton Home Performance Cotton is offered through distinctive fabric showrooms nationwide. Looks range from textured monochromes to sleek chambrays and there are some intensely textural choices as well. Patterns, achieved through the weave, range from subtle to bold including some reinterpreted from patterns of antiquity. The trade only showroom United Fabric is showing an outstanding collection they’re calling the Crypton Super Naturals.

“Dottie” from the United fabrics Crypton Home Super Naturals Collection.

More and more Crypton Performance Cottons will be popping up from coast to coast this year and into 2023. Colors range from warm neutrals to cool neutrals, with stronger tones of copper, greens from mossy to grassy, blues from sky to navy and dark tones including deep charcoal and pitch black. With the addition of cotton, Crypton Home’s design team is able to produce colors that are simply not possible with standard performance yarns. Crypton Performance Cotton is one of many first-to-market fabric innovations by Crypton, a 28-year old American technology and design brand, trusted by millions for unparalleled fabric intelligence.

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