Innovative Performance Fabrics: Diving Under the Surface with Crypton + METROPOLIS Magazine  - Crypton

Innovative Performance Fabrics: Diving Under the Surface with Crypton + METROPOLIS Magazine 

May 16, 2024

Performance Fabrics: Diving Under the Surface with Crypton + METROPOLIS 

A METROPOLIS Magazine x Crypton Workshop 

On May 2nd, HLW opened the doors of their fabulous NYC office for an interactive design event connecting Crypton textile partner brands with top interior designers for an insightful, informative, and relationship-building evening. We co-sponsored the event with METROPOLIS Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief Avi Rajagopal expertly moderated a workshop on the scientific advances that have made performance fabric durable, safe, and comfortable without harming people or the planet. 

We covered a lot of ground during the Metropolis Magazine workshop. Here are some highlights from the conversation!

Sustainability + Wellness

Sustainability and wellness are at the top of the list in today’s conversations. Designers and retailers want to be able to assure their clients that the fabrics and furniture they’re investing in are both safe and sustainable. Many firms are making sustainability initiatives a top priority by investing in creating sustainability teams to monitor materials, taking firm-wide sustainability pledges, and even hiring sustainability officers.  

We talked about how product transparency is becoming the new normal and enables us to work better together as manufacturers. Having products available on platforms like Mindful Materials, MindClick, Material Bank, and providing product content documentation like HPDs makes it quicker and easier for firms to specify these materials. 

Crypton is a great resource for firms prioritizing sustainability – not only because of our safe and durable technology and our sustainable practices, but also because of our domestic manufacturing. Our fabrics are PFAS free and free of all other forever chemicals. Additionally, because of the high quality and durability properties of the textiles we use (even before applying our performance technology) they stand up extremely well to daily life in residential and contract spaces, making them longer-lasting and, thus, less likely to end up in the landfill.  

Domestic Sourcing 

Knowing where products are made and sourcing as close to home as possible is a big part of the sustainability conversation as well as the conversation about how good domestic manufacturing is for our communities. We heard from some firms that they create “local product” libraries. These firms are watching their embodied carbon footprint and limiting oversees shipping by specifying local American made goods whenever possible. These are just some of the reasons we are so proud of our domestic mill – a mill we rehabilitated just a few years ago that is now thriving in western North Carolina near our Kings Mountain R&D facility in Kings Mountain.  


Many people still think that choosing performance necessitates sacrificing choice. In fact, we have made so many technological advances that we can transform high-quality indoor upholstery fabric into performance fabric that delivers for life. Cotton, linen, velvet, you name it. Additionally, having our own mill allows for ultimate customization and endless pattern and color options.  

After the talk, attendees were encouraged to visit partners’ tabletop presentations where they were able to explore samples and learn more about performance and sustainability properties, including experiencing liquid-repellency demos firsthand! 

Crypton Performance Fabric Partners 

Big thanks to all our partners who participated and helped make this event a success! We couldn’t have done it without you: 

Learn how Crypton performance technology works and what makes our products sustainable by clicking here. Interested in learning more about how Crypton Fabric is made, how to clean it, and where to find it? Check out these links and others below. 

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