7 Considerations When Choosing a Moisture Barrier Performance Fabric  - Crypton

7 Considerations When Choosing a Moisture Barrier Performance Fabric 

May 2, 2024

7 Considerations When Choosing a Moisture Barrier Performance Fabric

Performance Fabric Technology:
Crypton® vs. Nanotex® by Crypton 

30 years ago, Crypton revolutionized contract design, creating the first patented moisture barrier and permanent stain and odor resistant fabrics. But what if a moisture barrier isn’t needed for a particular project? The original Crypton moisture barrier is a great option for many contract, hospitality, and medical environments, but for projects that don’t require a moisture barrier, Nanotex by Crypton gives you and your clients more options. Which should you specify, and when? Here’s a quick breakdown for you: Crypton barrier fabrics and Nanotex both provide permanent stain and spill resistance. Each fiber is encapsulated to resist stains, odors, bacteria and mildew to help protect and maintain the value of your investment. You get the exact same ease and protection of superior clean-ability and stain resistance no matter which one you choose. The only performance difference is that Crypton includes a moisture barrier and Nanotex does not.

Here are seven questions to consider when determining the best performance fabric for your project. 

Q: What type of project are you working on, and where will the fabric be used?

A: Crypton is the right choice when your client predicts the need for frequent cleaning. That’s why moisture barrier protection is typically chosen for furniture in healthcare settings and banquette seating in restaurants. Nanotex by Crypton is backed by all Crypton’s patented stain/spill technology and is the perfect performance for spaces and applications where the assurances of a moisture barrier may not be necessary. Think of it as a molecular force field, encapsulating every fiber, preventing stains, and fending off moisture on upholstery, headboards, panel fabric, cubicle curtains, and in hotel lobbies. 

Q: Will my client’s furniture be placed in high-traffic contract spaces?

A: Both Crypton and Nanotex by Crypton are designed to withstand high-traffic spaces, but if you are specifying fabric for carefree high-traffic spaces like cafés, cafeterias, lobbies, airports, and waiting rooms, Crypton might be the right choice for your client. For lower-traffic spaces like homes, boutique hotel lounges, and office building hallways, Nanotex is a perfectly-suited option. 

Q: Does my project require permanent protection?

A: All of our our technology and protection is permanent. Whether you choose Crypton or Nanotex, you can count on lifelong, unwavering performance. The only difference is that our original Crypton product also has an added moisture barrier – a perfect product for high-traffic environments where spills and messes occur often. 

Q: Does my client value health and sustainability?

A: That’s great! Both Crypton and Nanotex by Crypton are PFAS-free and are free of all forever chemicals. You can specify all Crypton performance fabrics with confidence! In addition, we are Greenguard Gold Certified and hold several other third-party sustainability certifications

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Q: My client needs a performance fabric that features a moisture barrier; which Crypton fabric offers this?

A: Crypton, our original barrier fabric features an added moisture barrier, making it impossible for liquid spells and messes to fully penetrate the fabric into the cushions and frame beneath. 

Q: Which Crypton performance fabric should I choose if my client needs to be able to easily and frequently disinfect their upholstery?

A: Our original Crypton fabric is the only EPA-approved disinfectable fabric on the market! Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting Crypton performance fabric here

Q: Is my client concerned with having a warranty?

A: Fortunately, both Crypton performance fabric options offer warranties. Our Crypton barrier fabric offers a 5-year warranty, and Nanotex by Crypton offers a two-year warranty. That said, our technology is permanent, so any potential failure should never be due to a technology issue. Should you or your client experience issues, please contact our customer care team – we always try our best to support our customers! 

Download our detailed one-sheet for more information about Crypton vs. Nanotex by Crypton.  

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