Texture, Plush, and Plain: Three New Crypton Performance Fabric books perfect for any project by Anna Elisabeth - Crypton

Texture, Plush, and Plain: Three New Crypton Performance Fabric books perfect for any project by Anna Elisabeth

January 29, 2024
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Above | Plush, Crypton Performance Fabric by Anna Elisabeth

Anna Elisabeth elevates interiors with three new Crypton performance fabric collections

Introducing Plush, Textures, and Plains – the newest Crypton home performance fabric textures by Anna Elisabeth. These books are the perfect additions to a designer’s library. Each one offers a distinct aesthetic, a lovely hand, and a wide range of rich and earthy tones.  

Every designer needs timeless textures, plush looks, and classic plain textures on-hand. Whether you’re aiming for a luxurious touch with Plush, seeking depth and visual interest with Textures, or opting for a timeless elegance with Plains, these Anna Elisabeth designs promise that your interiors will transcend the ordinary. Weave these exquisite Crypton performance fabrics into your designs to create spaces that offer a seamless integration of aesthetic allure and enduring practicality. 

Three new Crypton home performance fabric textures 

1. Plush: Plush and sophisticated textures you want to sink into 

Leaf S6650
S6650 Leaf
Golden B8573
B8573 Golden
Rosewood S6651
S6651 Rosewood

Plush, Crypton Performance Fabric by Anna Elisabeth

Picture tufted headboards, dining room seating, and the centerpiece sofa that people just keep talking about. From velvety softness to rich, intricate weaves, Plush reflects a dedication to creating a look that embodies comfort, sophistication, and pure indulgence. Tap here to explore Plush.

2. Textures: Timeless textures in endless colors 

Amber S3553
S3553 Amber
Brae SS360
SS360 Brae
Cork S6637
S6637 Cork

Textures, Crypton Performance Fabric by Anna Elisabeth

The commitment we share with Anna Elisabeth to timeless craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous details, ensuring that every thread and weave stands the test of time. From the allure of subtle, muted tones to the vibrancy of rich hues, the Textures fabric book offers designers a plentiful and nuanced palette for interiors designers to create exactly the right look with. Tap here to explore Textures

3. Plains: Classic and beautifully understated tones

Vapor S6670
S6670 Vapor
Jungle S6686
S6686 Jungle
Teddy S6677
S6677 Teddy

Plains, Crypton Performance Fabric by Anna Elisabeth

Whether you seek a serene backdrop or a versatile foundation for bolder design elements, the Crypton “Plains” home fabrics provide a harmonious canvas for your vision. Simplicity meets luxury in the enduring beauty of these subdued textures, allowing you to craft interiors that stand the test of time with grace and style. Tap here to explore Plains

Crypton Home Fabric is where luxury aesthetic meets high-powered performance. Design beautifully and confidently when you pick timeless patterns that are made to permanently resist stains, spills, and odors. 

Interested in learning more about how Crypton Fabric is made, how to clean it, and where to find it? Check out these links and others below. 

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