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Why Designing Women Insist on Crypton

January 24, 2018

Women have become a powerful and influential force throughout the formerly male-dominated home furnishings industry. Female owners, creative directors and C-suite executives at home furnishings brands, interior designers, entrepreneurial stylists, home design bloggers and shelter journalists are among the leading voices in a thriving, multi-billion dollar industry. These women are?major influencers of how we decorate our homes. Like all of us, designing women feel the pressure to have a beautiful home while juggling the demands of a powerful career with family, civic responsibility and more. They look for home products with beauty plus brains, form plus function, perfection plus performance. That’s where Crypton Home Fabric comes in.

A bright white sectional for a family room is possible with Crypton Home Fabric. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

This stain and spill resistant fabric was once a secret of design insiders, but thanks to the helpful voices of designing women the word is OUT: it’s available coast-to-coast in thousands of places. All you have to do is look for the distinctive Crypton red globe logo wherever you shop for fabric or furniture.

Emily Henderson’s clean, white living room makeover features Crypton fabric on a sofa by Kim Salmela, so that clean feeling will last and last. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

Here are just a few examples of how designing women are using Crypton right now. Designer, stylist and big-time social media influencer,?Emily Henderson, discovered Crypton Home Fabric at her local Calico Corners store, and used it to upholster the chairs in her own dining room, where it takes daily food spills from two active toddlers. She really put it to the test, and she liked it so much that she has started using it on other projects.

70’s modern living room makeover with sectional by Kim Salmela with Crypton Home. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

Emily just completed a wonderful makeover for her blog and for Domino magazine, featuring Crypton Home fabrics in a California living room and dining room. For the living room, she chose a huge and gorgeous sectional from furniture designer,?Kim Salmela, another designing woman Crypton aficionado who offers various Crypton fabric choices for the furniture she designs and offers on her own site and through One Kings Lane.? In spite of the homeowners having a growing young family, Emily felt confident with her choice of a white linen fabric, as long as it had Crypton technology. The result was a very chic, comfortable, snuggle-up seating area.

Kim Salmela used Crypton fabrics in her own home on furniture of her own design. (Photo Credit: Kim Salmela)

For designing women, a passion for interiors means their home also is a crossover with their business. They’re all about creating a home that’s an inviting haven, something beautiful and chic where it’s fun to entertain as well as comfortable to hang out and grab those precious moments of family time. This is true for most women we know. At Crypton we’re devoted to ensuring more and more women (and men!) across the country get the information they need to source beautiful, tasteful home furnishings and fabrics that also hold up to real life demands. After all, who needs a house where you can’t have red wine or where your coffee always has to have a lid in case a dog or a child knocks it over in a moment of playful exuberance? No need.

The homeowners cuddle up in their newly re-designed living room by Emily Henderson. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

We thought you’d also like to know that all of the furniture and fabrics in this story are 100% Made in America, and that all Crypton Home Fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for sustainability.

Emily Henderson stands in a dining room with chairs by Verellen upholstered in a blush linen fabric with Crypton performance technology that’s spill and stain resistant. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

For the dining room makeover Emily selected Astrid chairs from Verellen, designed by Creative Director and co-founder Sabine Verellen. This furniture brand that originated in Belgium is one of the newest superstars in the furniture world in America. With their whole-home and wellness approach to design and their very stylish silhouettes, Verellen furniture has become the darling of interior designers and in-the-know design lovers alike. Like Kim, Sabine offers among her company’s choices of fabric some performance choices with Crypton technology, or you can select any Crypton fabric from anywhere and Verellen will have your chairs custom upholstered, what the industry refers to as COM (customer’s own material). Emily chose a beautiful blush linen for these sleek yet curvy chairs. You can also find similar fabric at Calico Corners?who can also do reupholstery if you love your current chairs but not your current stains.

See how Emily Henderson achieved her retro seascape montage and get more tips on designing with and cleaning Crypton fabric in Domino. (Photo Credit: Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson)

We’d love to see how you use our fabrics. Let us know by posting and tagging us on Instagram.

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