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We are committed to sustainability and transparency.

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Crypton is committed to sustainable textiles.

We protect and defend against stains, spills and odors and never leave a mark.

We promise more than beautiful, high-performance fabrics, recognized in the industry as the best in category.  We promise best in environmental practices, upholding our responsibility and commitment to continuously innovate the highest-quality fabric and performance with the absolute lowest environmental impact.

We are not about more chemistry, we are about more responsible technology.

Less is more:

Crypton’s patented technology is customized to each and every yard of fabric to deliver the highest performance with the softest hand.    Our team of scientists calibrate the amount of protection needed based on the fiber content and texture of each fabric, with less being more responsible to our end-users and the environment.

To further certify transparency and material reporting, Crypton works with Toxnot and other third-party organizations such as Mindful Materials to ensure that all customers who use our fabrics – whether for healthcare, hospitality, or residential use – we want our customers to understand exactly what they’re receiving as a final product.   We seek to educate and empower consumers with new knowledge so they can make truly informed decisions within their design process.

You can count on Crypton.

Crypton is state-of-the-art performance fabric.

  • 0% fluorine, tested and verified in accordance with test method AATCC189.
  • Engineered to repel and resist water-based liquids and stains.
  • Stays beautiful and fresh with silver-ion technology (Crypton Home or when specified).
  • Maximum durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Soft, beautiful and perfectly suited for everyday living.
  • Unmatched cleanability.
  • Crypton contract fabrics with our moisture barrier remain EPA disinfectable.

Experience PFAS free technology.

Our PFAS free technology has been painstakingly researched and optimized by Crypton scientists over more than five years, employing:

Sustainable chemistry and physics.

  • Hydrocarbon Side Chains are added to create repellency, mimicking the natural repellency and self-cleaning ability of leaves (biomimicry).
  • Partially sourced from renewable resources (Around 40% content from renewable resources).
  • Achieving high-level fluorine-free performance required not only optimizing chemistry but also utilizing physics to create highly effective and permanent performance characteristics.
  • Permanent protection sealed into every fiber for the life of the fabric using the same patented process that Crypton and Nanotex perfected.
  • The meticulously balanced formulation ensures maximum durability and unmatched cleanability.
  • Zero halogenated content (Fluorine, Bromine, Chlorine).
  • Formaldehyde-free.
  • The highest possible standard of fluorine-free performance.

Certainty in our fluorine-free, proprietary technology.

  • Made in our own North Carolina facilities for quality assurance and control.
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified.
  • 2-year warranty for Crypton Home Fabric, 5-year warranty for Crypton Fabric.

Committed to transparency.

We have always been and will continue to be transparent about our products and are committed to ongoing innovation.

Crypton Fabric standards and certificates the following criteria:

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Crypton technology is third-party GREENGUARD Gold Certified, helping to create healthier, more sustainable indoor environments.

Healthier Hospitals Intitative (HHI)

Compliant with Healthier Hospitals / Health Care Without Harm’s healthy interiors challenge by avoiding the use of PFAS, PVC, antimicrobials, flame retardants, and formaldehyde.


A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is publicly available for our fabrics. HPDs share transparent product chemistry with the customer and user.


Crypton fabrics can contribute to the WELL Building rating system in one (or more) of the following categories: Material Transparency, Enhanced Material Restrictions, Low VOC

LBC Red List compliant

Compliant with the Living Building Challenge rating systems’ material Red List by avoiding the stated chemicals of concern.

PFAS free

All new production runs of Crypton and Crypton Home Fabrics have been manufactured using our PFAS-free technology since October 1, 2022.

Crypton is a great choice

Crypton is free of potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, and odor and skin sensitizers.

It s non-bio accumulative, rapid bioelimination, low acute toxicity, low aquatic toxicity. And noncarcinogenic.

No halogenated flame retardants

Crypton has no halogenated flame retardants (e.g., PBDE).

Crypton recycling program

Crypton maintains an ongoing recycling program of manufacturing remnants.

Crypton EPA Evaluated

EPA-listed: Disinfectable.

Crypton is the only textile evaluated by the EPA as a fabric that can be disinfected.

How Crypton fabrics are made

How Crypton is made.

Learn more about how our technology delivers permanent protection for all fabric applications and environments.