Capitalize on the checkerboard trend with Crypton Performance Fabrics - Crypton fabric

Capitalize on the checkerboard trend with Crypton Performance Fabrics

August 14, 2023
Chessie Fabric Crypton Nanotex

Chessie, a new performance fabric from Crypton and United Fabrics, offers designers performance and sustainability in one smashing checkerboard weave.

“Chessie” Checkerboard Performance Fabric for Upholstery

Residential, hospitality and commercial designers who want the upper hand in creating evocative interiors now have a new gambit to play. Enter Chessie, a bold new upholstery fabric, is a collaboration of two great American textile brands. Crypton, makers of state-of-the-art performance, and leading contract textile provider United Fabrics have launched this whimsical and timely design. So relevant is this brand new textile that Hospitality Design Magazine has already named Chessie among it’s editor picks in a roundup: “11 Products Take an Eco-Friendly Approach to Design.”

“Made from recycled cotton and polyester, the checkered and environmentally friendly Chessie from United Fabrics is protected by Crypton Nanotex technology.”

Chessie Fabric United Crypton Nanotex Made in America Cotton
New Chessie from United.

Recycled Cotton Performance Fabric Made In The USA

Made in North Carolina at the Crypton Mills at Broad River, Chessie checks all the boxes. It beams with color in either contrasting tones or monochrome iterations. Plus, this playful checkerboard weave has a delightfully chunky bouclé texture. Chessie doesn’t hint at nostalgia, it practically tugs at the heartstrings with its craft-forward style of weaving. And while the fabric’s aesthetic looks back at a simpler time, the construction looks forward, with an eco-conscious combination of recycled cotton (repurposed from garment industry leftovers) and recycled polyester.

Protected with Crypton Nanotex stain resistance and bearing a Greenguard® Gold certification and a 5-year warranty, Chessie is crafted to endure and even lengthen the useful life of furniture. These features also add to its sustainability profile. To view the whole collection and order samples, go to United’s website. For a complete list of Crypton resources, explore Crypton’s guide.

Photos: Jason Varney for United

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