Crypton Celliant

Crypton Celliant

Energize both contract and residential spaces with the first woven upholstery with Celliant on the market. Sit down, it’s good for you.

Easy-care meets self-care in one beautiful, higher-performance fabric.

Crypton high-performance fabrics powered with Celliant® – a revolutionary technology that is woven into our fabric to reflect our natural body heat back to us as infrared energy creating a responsive textile.  Clinically tested, Celliant is proven to increase cellular oxygenation for improved energy, stronger performance, quicker recovery and overall enhanced wellbeing.

Well, well, wellness.

Woven at Crypton Mills at Broad River, each yard has at least 35% Celliant technology in the fabric – a permanent component of the yarn.  Each yard is protected by Crypton and/or Crypton Home’s permanent stain, moisture and odor-resistant technology. Resulting in a product that promotes health and wellness in a space, with this unique marriage of two American made technologies – giving energy and assurance of cleanable, durable beautiful fabrics from the inside out.

Celliant is a proprietary, patented technology a blend of natural, thermo-reactive, ethically sourced minerals that give the textiles the ability to capture and convert body heat into infrared energy, promoting more energy and less fatigue while sitting.

Woman on celliant fabric couch

How Celliant works:

  • The body naturally emits 60% of its heat about 100-wats every second (enough to power 5 compact fluorescent lamp – CFL bulbs).
  • The upholstery with Celliant woven into the fabric absorbs the body’s energy and converts it to infrared energy. (Infrared is clinically proven to promote local circulation.
  • That infrared energy is then reflected back to the body, reabsorbed into the skin and tissue through the layers of fabric.
  • This provides the cells more oxygen (called vasodilation – widening of capillaires) which in turn improves circulation, increases energy, speeds up recover time and more.
  • The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and general wellness products.
  • Tested in 11 trials and peer-reviewed in 8 published studies.

Easy care meets self-care with Crypton Celliant Wellness Textures by Kravet.

Here is what top designers are saying about this breakthrough in wellness design.

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New Crypton Celliant Wellness Textures only at Kravet.

Celliant’s revolutionary technology that reflects natural body heat back as infrared energy is clinically tested and proven to increase cellular oxygenation for improved energy, stronger performance, quicker recovery and enhanced well-being. Where easy care meets self-care.