Crypton IMO

Crypton IMO

Crypton’s marine textiles offer ultimate performance for the high seas. These IMO’s resist everything but style.

The ultimate performance for the high seas.

Crypton IMO resists everything but style.

Crypton IMO meets the growing demand for high style and high-performance upholstery textiles that meet the stringent standards required by the maritime industry.   IMO (International Maritime Organization) and MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified, Crypton IMO complies with the standards required for use by the US Coast Guard, Canada and Europe for cruise liners, cargo ships, ferries and recreational boats, while offering all of the performance designers expect from Crypton.

Crypton IMO has an exceptionally soft hand, protection from spills, stains and odors, and  Crypton’s integrated moisture barrier guaranteeing nothing will penetrate the fabric and enables the fabric to be disinfectable (when used in conjunction with EPA-approved Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer.)   

Crypton IMO Properties:

  • Permanently flame retardant
  • Permanent resistant to (salt) water
  • Permanent stain resistance
  • Extremely high abrasion/heavy duty durability (perfect for high traffic areas)
  • Extremely soft/comfortable upholstery
  • Easy stain removal
    Resistant to odor-causing bacteria
  • Large range of textile options – almost unlimited opportunities for innovative maritime design

Project types and requirements.

Project types:
  • Cruise / maritime

Project requirements
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