New Floral Performance Upholstery Fabrics Debut from Burch with Crypton Fabrics

Stunning Nature-Inspired Performance Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture from Burch

July 24, 2023
Burch Crypton Canopy Rivulet

Burch reimagines botanical imagery and harkens haute couture.

New from the Burch design studio: Chateau, Fleur and Parlour hail from fashion origins.

In this installment of the Crypton Sourcebook, contract designers will find two refreshing new lines of Crypton fabrics. One celebrates nature and biophilia while creating a look that is both contemporary and stylish. The other takes inspiration from fashion. Specifically, from the fine fashions of France. And because utility is as important to us as beauty, these performance upholstery fabrics are spill-proof and odor-resistant.

The Burch Design Studio has launched Canopy and Rivulet, contemporary botanical silhouettes rendered in artistic detail, as well as Chateau, Fleur and Parlor which reinterpret familiar patterns from the annals of French fashion. Both are imbued with state-of-the-art Crypton performance technology for stain resistance and durability.

New Burch Canopy + Rivulet can work together in a range of cool tones from nature.

New Canopy + Rivulet Upholstery Fabric

Canopy and Rivulet are not your grandmother’s botanicals. Minimalistic illustrations reflect the graceful fluidity of the natural world, while an exquisite color palette uses contrast and varying tones to amplify the organic aesthetic. Aided by Crypton’s permanent soil and stain protection, Canopy and Rivulet deliver upscale style and superior performance that will flourish and look fresh for years to come.

Burch Canopy in Foliage, a fresh spring green evoking the pale yet vibrant shoots of new growth.

Canopy’s abstract and whimsical dotted leaf is a breath of fresh air. Twelve enlightened shades make up the palette of this collection. Contract designers can order swatch samples of any or all.

Burch Rivulet, a new take on botanical imagery, for contract seating of all kinds.

A floral stripped down to its purest form, Rivulet cuts a striking silhouette. In fact, a quick glance may suggest something not floral at al, but rather gently marbled, a topographical outline or some other of nature’s moving configurations. Rivulet comes alive in a palette of thirteen nature-centric and coastal-inspired hues.

New Chateau, Fleur + Parlour: Elevated Plaids and Floral Fabrics from Burch and Crypton

New Burch Chateau, Fleur and Parlour borrow ideas from classic textiles with a fresh spin for interiors.

 The Burch Design Studio has also introduced Chateau, Fleur, and Parlour. This chic trio of fabrics reinterprets classic patterns for modern interiors. They lend a new sense of sophistication and elegance without being pretentious. Their collective color palette focuses on elevated neutrals and soft, soothing shades, further enhancing the collection’s upscale yet approachable vibe.

New Damask Crypton Performance Upholstery Fabric from Burch

With the recent passing of fashion icon Jane Birkin, the world was reminded of what effortless elegance really looks like. This idea translates beautifully to interiors, particularly hospitality spaces where the design intention is connote both luxury and comfort, and seating that exudes at once a finely tailored integrity and a curl-up casual sensibility.

New Burch Chateau is a bold take on damask served in warm or cool tones.
Chateau in 4 of its 8 colors (L to R): Oasis, Delta, Honey and Copper Mine.

Chateau is an elegant damask with soft edges, in a pattern that not of floral or leafy origins, but that rather suggests inspirations from flamestitch or ikat, and yet is neither. This textile has its own unique aesthetic, where a storied French pedigree leaps into a bold future.

Fleur: Subtle Low Contrast Floral Performance Fabrics for Upholstery.

New Fleur by Burch in mouthwatering Spearmint (L) and Raspberry (R).

Fleur adds Some Je Ne Sais Quoi to a Legendary Emblem. You have to look pretty closely at Fleur to see its wellspring, the legendary fleur de lis symbol, used here in an understated all-over interlock rather than in its traditional emblematic role. Fleur’s sophisticated charm lies in its subtlety, revealing hints of its delicate pattern at every angle. Fleur comes in thirteen beautifully soft-spoken shades.

Fleur‘s understated color palette. New from Burch Design Studio.

Burch Brings the Panache of Plaid to Parlour

Parlour is a chic interpretation of a plaid with clean, classic lines. This pattern is offered in a palette of ten handsome shades with a casual menswear influence.

Parlour comes in fabulous colors: Ruby, Butterscotch, Sahara, Biscotti, Dove, Stratus, Nautical, Cornflower, Seabreeze and Kiwi.

Burch x Crypton Collaboration

These two venerable brands have a long history of collaborations bringing exceptional textiles to market for contract designers. Both brands have robust design studios and the result shows. The Burch in-house design team strives to develop innovative products to meet the ever changing demands of the contract design industry, whether it be the latest color trends or providing solutions for the latest technical challenges. Crypton’s flagship contract fabric with barrier technology is the first and only EPA-listed disinfectable fabric and all Crypton fabrics are 100% PFAS free and Greenguard Gold certified. The entire Burch offering is inventoried in multiple warehouses throughout North America, allowing for exceptional delivery times.

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