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Fabricut Has Color Covered Brilliantly

May 16, 2023
Crypton Fabric tulips spill

A Curated Collection Splashes Color Across Residential Upholstery as Fabricut Crypton Performance by Color Expands

Fabricut has introduced its second collection of Crypton Home Performance By Color. The four new color families, named Bone, Cinder, Tile and Water join Fabricut’s previous Crypton Performance by Color lines. This easy-to-specify concept line offers richness and choice-abundance. This is an extensive collection of durable and decorative upholstery including velvet, chenille, mélange textures and faux wool, all with the cleanability and reliability that comes with the Crypton imprimatur.

A chair is upholstered in two styles from the Crypton Performance by Color collections at Fabricut.

Bone: The Best White Performance Fabrics for Sofas and Sectionals

If you’re longing for the perfect white sofa that families can actually use, look no further than these Crypton Home Performance Fabrics by Fabricut. The Bone line offers has 42 neutral performance fabrics in pale neutral tones that are perfect for sofas and sectionals. All are sophisticated and versatile. It’s perfect for for layering in minimalist settings. It also can add a cool foundation to traditional or contemporary interiors. According to Crypton’s Vice President of Marketing, Elise Gabrielson, “People will always love the pale neutrals. No matter how much color comes into and out of fashion, this palette has a timeless and always-right feeling. These are tones that exist in nature. They provide a feeling of openness and clarity. Fabricut did an amazing job curating this Bone color book. We can’t wait to see how luxury residential designers will use them.”

Fabricut’s Crypton Performance by Color features 42 shades and textures in the Bone Palette.

Cinder: Grey Performance Upholstery Fabrics for Families

Fabricut cleverly makes grey relevant in a new way with this Cinder palette. Grey’s overuse and overexposure in residential design in recent years may have some designers shying away from it. However, this group of upholstery textiles shows the grey family in a new light, and it’s the perfect performance upholstery for homes filled with families and pets. This is a broad and deep palette of 43 tones which includes greys ranging from very warm to very cool. It also features other earthy tones that complement them such as Camel, Wheat, and Linen.

43 colors and textures add a liveliness and fresh spirit to greys and the neutrals that complement them.

Water Color: All The Blues, from Moody to Jazzy, plus Green

Fabricut’s third new book reflects all of the colors of Water. It holds 37 tones in blues, greens, and everything in between. Hence this book may be irresistible to any designer who craves a cool, fresh palette.

The Water palette encompasses blues, greens and other complementary tones.

The Tile Palette: Inspired by Artisanal Building Materials

Of all of the new books, this particular curation will be close to the heart of any designer who takes inspiration from artisans. The raw materials of tile, clays and stones are central to the collection. Yet they also nod to the landscape that surround the storied places where craft tile is used. For example, the cool olive-y Sage and soft blue-grey Spa colors marry perfectly with warm Rose and pale Cream. The textures are also superb. Rich tweeds and subtle striés join craft-forward wovens and smooth plains. They all exude the feeling of having been kissed by nature and touched by human hands.

Refined pastels and intricate weaving distinguish Fabricut’s Crypton Tile palette.

Fabricut and Crypton are both trusted and esteemed brands in trade-only fabric. The two companies have a long standing partnership in the residential design arena. Both brands are leading voices in design. For that reason, both are the choice of many top professionals. Crypton Performance by Color is the latest in a comprehensive offering of Crypton Home fabrics offered by Fabricut.

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