Fabricut Contract Debuts Studio Crypton - Performance Commercial Fabrics for Hospitality

Fabricut Contract Debuts Studio Crypton - Performance Commercial Fabrics for Hospitality

May 16, 2023

Boucle Crypton Performance Fabrics for Hospitality from Fabricut

At the recent Hospitality Design Expo, Fabricut Contract previewed a colorful new line of rich textural upholstery, giving designers a first look at their Studio Crypton line. These lovely textures in fashion colors are ready to specify online.

The six textures in the collection are each a tactile and visual delight. A chunky, wide-wale corduroy called Aisle comes in 17 colors, very restaurant-appropriate as they are inspired by the culinary arts. They include: Cashew, Cocoa, Mint, Honey, Paprika, Merlot, Papaya and Sugar. A tweedy melange called Reflect is offered in 15 colors including some very au courant mid-century nods such as Avocado and Denim.

Fabricut Contract’s new Studio Crypton textures, Aisle in Paprika and Reflect in Honey, looking great paired up in a restaurant setting.

Swivel is a lofty bouclé in thirteen nature-inspired hues. It plays into two current style movements that are sure to remain in the design vernacular long term: biophilia and tactile surfaces. Glimpse is a more nuanced texture with the look of a woven wool. It is offered in 16 colors from nature. These two provide a beautifully layered, luxurious and tactile feeling when used together in one design.

Swivel in Lichen and Glimpse in Mustard offer colors from nature and a rich, pleasing texture mix.

Jewel-Toned Tweed Performance Fabrics for Hospitality

A heathery tweed called Model in 19 colors is also in the collection. A delightful mixed-texture, polychrome box tweed called Ideal in 13 colors rounds out the offerings. Ideal includes exciting jewel tones such as Tourmaline and Ruby.

Fabricut’s contract Crypton tweed, Ideal, is offered in jewel tones like Ruby, left and Tourmaline, right.
Fabricut’s Model in Coffee House, Left and Toffee, Right, add delicious, warm notes to earth tones.

Fabricut and Crypton are both trusted and esteemed brands in trade-only fabric. The two companies have a longstanding partnership in the contract and commercial design arena. Both brands are leading voices in hospitality and healthcare design as well as workplace, higher education and other contract design verticals. Studio Crypton is the latest in a robust offering of Crypton contract performance fabrics offered by Fabricut.

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