Crypton IMO Technology Sets Sail at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

June 14, 2019
Cryptons IMO technology blog post

We are excited to unveil our latest IMO technology: Crypton IMO at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo with Kravet Cruise – Kravet Contract’s new maritime collection.

Crypton’s team of chemists developed Crypton IMO to meet the strict fire and smoke standards required by IMO/MED while ensuring Crypton’s trademark of soft-hand,  protection from spills, stains, and odors.

The new Kravet Cruise program features Crypton’s new IMO technology.  Featuring drapery, upholstery and more, it features a new curated color palette to match the elevated demographic of travelers looking for a boutique travel experience. Inspired by the sea and sky, Kravet Cruise’s colors range from inky blues, misty vapor and soft sea greens to sandy neutrals and warm bronze hues with metallic accents. There are also pops of vibrant colors, like shades of pink, purple and yellow, to mirror the sky at daybreak or just before dawn.

Check out Crypton IMO at Kravet Cruise booth #544!

For press inquiry or more information, reach out to Jessie Devereaux.

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