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Performance Fabric by Burch: 3 Beautiful New Cinema-Inspired Crypton Fabrics

November 6, 2023
New Drama Crypton performance fabrics collection by Burch.

Above | New from the Burch design studio: Cinema-inspired fabrics – Cinema, Intermission, and Mezzanine

Rave Reviews for the Burch Drama Performance Fabric Collection

The reviews are in: Burch’s Drama Collection is the next big thing in interiors. It features a captivating cast of Crypton textiles – Cinema, Intermission, and Mezzanine – an ensemble of deeply developed jewel tones and immersive blues and greens.  

Ordinary is not in our vocabulary. Crypton is a change-maker, collaborator and a setter of industry benchmarks in innovation and sustainability, with a vision to make people’s lives easier and more beautiful. Preserving craft traditions is deeply important to us. This is why we weave thoughtful, luxurious performance textiles at our mill in western North Carolina. We also love the customization capabilities that having our own mill affords us, especially when it comes to producing special collections like this one.  

Having our hands directly in the production process allows us to be nuanced and particular. We are able to create subtle drama with delicately incorporated novelty fibers to create a durable yet luxurious fabric. And as always, the Drama Collection’s palette is made with our patented moisture barrier and superior stain resistance. Cinema, Intermission, and Mezzanine are poised to deliver the performance of a lifetime, and last just as long.


Cinema features a scattered chevron in a luxuriously soft chenille that steals the show. Cinema is available in twelve leading role hues, including moody Garnet and dramatic Jungle.

New Burch Cinema Crypton performance fabric features rich tones and abstract herringbone


Mezzanine is an intricate textural number that delivers depth and dimension. The perfect supporting role, Mezzanine’s multicolored palette of twelve allows for seamless color coordination within a space. 

New Burch Mezzanine Crypton performance fabric features jewel tones complemented by softer shades in an organic diamond pattern


A classic harlequin with a theatrical reveal, Intermission’s subtle diamond shimmers in the spotlight. Intermission offers twelve luxe, sophisticated shades ready for the curtain call. 

New Burch Intermission Crypton performance fabric features a soft, luxe, variegated palette offering subtle, glimmering energy

Learn more about this North Carolina-made Crypton performance fabric collection. Visit Burch Fabrics to explore Drama in depth.

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