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5 Reasons to Follow These Top Creators

August 1, 2018
Marie Flanagan Interiors

Crypton is built on a foundation of innovation. “That’s why we love creators,” explains Crypton Home Fabric marketing manager Elise Gabrielson. “People who design with our fabrics, who write about them and shoot them, they’re our inspiration,” she says. Whether they’re interior designers, home stylists, creators, design influencers, design experts or design bloggers, or some combination of those, here are some who have recently posted Crypton installations or ideas and 5 great reasons why everyone who is design-minded should follow their blogs, feeds and posts, too.

Alicia Wood of The Lush List in her cabana covered in Crypton by Lonni Paul for Duralee.

1.) INFORMATION: Trust is currency in the digital world. Bloggers and social media personalities are a trusted source of valuable, real-time information. They edit and curate and present the best of new design resources, products and trends to the design community as well as to homeowners and design lovers. They offer a sense of discovery and excitement by placing design ideas and actionable tips into compelling themes and stories to which people can relate.

2.) INFLUENCE: The undeniable magnetism of storytelling is why we admire and work with creators every day. For us, it’s very compelling when these awesome women (and men!) are seeing, touching and using design products, showing and telling it from their real lives through their lens and in their own words so people can envision it in their own homes and lives.

A sleek, white chaise covered in Crypton Home Fabric highlights this serene space by Urbanology Design in Dallas, which has been nominated for an HGTV Faces of Design Award.

3.) INSPIRATION: All of this content is cultivating a hunger for design, with a range of topics and a high low mix that includes DIY, first-look reports of new things at trade and industry-only launches and events, makeovers, house tours, show houses, artisans and makers, art and antiques and home technologies like ours. Creators work hard and travel far and wide to bring news from the design front. Get it first by following them.

Marie Flanagan Interiors
Interior designer, design blogger and influencer Marie Flanagan and her two kids enjoy a playful moment in her Crypton-centric room makeover.

4.) INNOVATION: Crypton was created for the design world and the people in it. This is literally the very reason we innovate. We make performance technologies for all kinds of fabrics so that designers, stylists and creatives can work freely and without restriction, putting soft, gorgeous textiles in places they could never go without the integrity of our technology.

Cynthia Weber enlivened this classic duchesse brisee with a rich, moss green Crypton velvet. This Ontario-based lover of beautiful country house design knows that performance fabrics are at home in any period or style.

5.) INTERIORS: We live for gorgeous interiors and if you’re reading this it’s safe to say you might also. Many of these creators have robust interior design practices or are top stylists or lifestyle gurus. They post beautiful, inspiring spaces for people who understand the art of living well. Get in on that!

The chic and lively home-based office conference area of blogger Tanya Foster was designed by Amy L. Berry with Crypton fabrics. It makes us want to achieve our own #officegoals.

Crypton invents new ways to free up the design process, to ensure the long-term success of interiors and to create homes where people can entertain, have pets and let children be children. Real life #housegoals, you know? So our synergy with creators is natural. If you?re one, please get in touch. We love collaborations of all kinds.

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