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February 11, 2020
Crypton blog post Material Bank

For design professionals, there’s a new way to connect your passion for what’s next with your need for enduring materials. Crypton fabric is choice-abundant across all of the major 2020/21 fabric trend forecasts, and now you can source them with utmost efficiency. We’re thrilled to announce that over 700 Crypton products may now be easily found and sampled free of charge, and delivered overnight, on design’s most innovative and easy sourcing platform, Material Bank! Once you’ve been approved for your free Material Bank membership, follow the “Shortcuts” link and find Crypton under “Performance Finishes”, and you’ll be able to filter by the type of Crypton performance you need, color, manufacturer, application and more.

The<span style=color ff0000><strong> <a style=color ff0000 href=httpswwwmaterialbankcom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Material Bank<a> <strong><span>website Designers say its the source theyve been dreaming of

This exciting launch means you gain one-stop access to Crypton fabrics and wall coverings from more than 30 distributors you know and love, including Kravet, Bernhardt, Wolf-Gordon, Arc-Com, Designtex, and Maharam. While the Material Bank library does not contain all that Crypton has to offer, this powerful platform allows you to search through hundreds of Crypton textile samples that are primed and ready for free next-day delivery. Toss in prepaid return packaging that allows samples to be reused instead of thrown away, and you?ve got a revolutionary way to spec your next project!

Today, we?re offering a sneak peek into the world of Crypton on Material Bank. Scroll on for Crypton textiles tied to the year?s biggest trends as projected by the esteemed global fabric show, Heimtextil!

Heimtextil 202021 fabric trends preview

WHERE I BELONG was the overarching trend story at Heimtextil 2020 celebrated through five distinctive trend worlds. Each explores our varied identities through color, texture, and dynamic form; reminding us that the lives we curate define the relationship we share with the world at large. Below you’ll find a closer look at these trend worlds along with a selection of Crypton-equipped textiles that align beautifully with each.


Clockwise from lower right Raw color exemplifies the Pure Spiritual trend for 202021 as forecast by Heimtextil These <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnCarnegieWall target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Carnegie wall coverings<a> <span>with Crypton technology fall into the Pure Spiritual aesthetic as does <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnKravetTempleRobe target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Kravets Temple Robe<a> <span>in Pewter and <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnPallasAsymmetric target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Pallas Textiles Asymmetric<a> in Cayenne<span>

Exemplified by raw, organic materials, the essence of the Pure Spiritual movement is grounded in purity and a reconnection to nature. Elements of mysticism are woven throughout, lending an ethereal tone that embraces nuanced palettes and subtle irregularities.


The Heritage Lux fabric trend clockwise from top left Asabikeshiinh Dreamcatcher <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpwwwwrowanmershcomgalleryasabikeshiinh dreamcatcher>a sculpture installation by Rowan Mersh<a><span> as seen at Heimtextil CF Stinsons velvety Crypton fabric <span style=color ff0000>Ritz in Spruce<span> Cortina Leathers luxurious <span style=color ff0000>Como natural leather <span>powered by Crypton an image from the exhibition in Frankfurt

Inspired by a passion for legacy, ornamentation, and fascinating finishes, Heritage Lux transports you back to a time of magnificence and grandeur. Ornamental patterns and lush embellishments unite with rich, sensuous jewel tones for a modern spin on traditional applications.

The materials may be aesthetically specific, but the emotion evoked by these luxurious design elements is timeless and universal. Judicious use of luscious textures and tones such as the CF Stinson velvet and Cortina Leathers hand-textured natural hide can add immeasurable liveliness and warmth to contemporary spaces.


Max Glam Fabric Trend <span style=color ff0000>Designtex Crypton Criss Cross<span> top left and <span style=color ff0000>Bit Drift<span> bottom right fabrics from the 5 x 5 Collection created by artists employ extravagant color and pattern glam While <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnknoll target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Knolls Iona<a> <span style=color 333333><span><span>bottom left brings a glamorous woven texture Heimtextil demonstrates Max Glam via a pair of Puff and Stuff chairs by Detroit based designer Chris Schanck

In its conceptual trend exhibit, Heimtextil invited pleasure-seeking designers to “revel in layering theatrical influences and glamorous showtime aesthetics, forging a fantastic marriage between the crafted and digitally rendered.”

Ideal for those who embrace a “more is more” mentality, extravagant colors, fringe and purposefully synthetic shimmer unite in a savage story of glitz and excess. Think of it as the new maximalism, a departure from those boho vibes of late into a rich, futuristic odyssey.


The Active Urban fabric trend as envisioned lower right art direction by Sanne Schuurman and Emma Wessel for Heimtextil comes to life in Crypton <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnarcComFoundation target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>fabrics by Arc Com from the Foundation Collection<a><span> all offered via Material Bank

With a laser focus on functionality, this sporty trend blends tech performance and graphic patterns amid striking color stories. Think pitch black and vibrant blue meet creamy gold for a dynamic mix that exudes strength and confidence. Designers have been talking about the return of primary colors for a while, this trend adds bold pattern and black and white to the mix.


The Multi Local Fabric Trend is exemplified by the rich Crypton wovens from the <span style=color ff0000><a style=color ff0000 href=httpscrptnDouglassSafari target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Douglass Safari Collection<a><span> Find it and get samples on Material Bank

Hailed as an “homage to handcrafted decorative patterns,” this globally-influenced style is the ultimate portrayal of inclusivity, an exquisite ode to WHERE I BELONG. Tribal and geometric forms meet the abstract, tied together through traditional artisan craftsmanship and an earthy, agrarian color story.

Meanwhile, which trend is calling your name? Explore and sample of all five textile trends on Material Bank and be sure to tag us @cryptonfabric with a look at how you use Crypton and Material Bank to bring your designs to life!

Images in this post via Heimtextile, Material Bank, Couglass Fabric, Arc-Com, Designtex, Knoll, Cf Stinson, Pallas, Kravet, Carnegie and Cortina Leathers.

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