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Rich Velvet & Bold Color: Never Out of Line

February 12, 2018

Maybe you’re a fan of her popular social media focused podcast?cheekily entitled “Out of Line.” Or perhaps you saw her India Mahdavi-inspired home makeover featured recently on DesignSponge.?Or could be you’re one of her nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram.? Whether or not you’re familiar with Caroline Lee, her story will almost certainly inspire you.

Caroline shows how Crypton is red wine friendly

Fueled by the digital economy and an abundance of creative energy, she has become an authority on boldly embracing entrepreneurship and living life on one’s own terms. In her case, a very colorful and plush life in a recently renovated Los Angeles bungalow that she shares with her husband, composer Jayden Lee. Their photography and content creation business Woodnote Photography is based here, as is their multimedia “production collective” Echo & Earl?which also includes her brother Robert Ingraham, a videographer. Their creative services also encompass illustration and printing and they’re co-founders with Anne Sage of the nearby photo studio Light Lab. If you’re thinking it’s a lot, it’s a LOT.

Two channel tufted chartreuse velvet Brooks chairs from Verellen flank a painting in the living room.

When they’re not shooting on location or traveling the world, this Atwater Village home is where Caroline’s work-hard-play-hard ethos unfolds daily in rooms covered in several very forthright colors of Crypton performance velvet. “I love living with this much color,” says Caroline. Velvet by its nature resonates color with more richness than most other textures of fabric, so if you love color, go for some velvet and you’ll see the beautiful intensity even as you sink into the delightful softness. Watch the video to see just how much fun it can be:

YouTube video

Caroline fearlessly combined deep teal, gold, chartreuse and purple velvets as upholstery and window treatments throughout the house. The richly colored velvets take center stage but great art and object collections are also neatly worked into the design.

A neon sculpture adds drama while four bold colors of Crypton velvet by JF Fabrics comprise color-blocked upholstery and draperies.

Caroline hosts leading social media personalities here for her podcast, and she and Jayden host music studio sessions, and there are countless get-togethers along the way both personal and professional. So Caroline’s home needs to have a great and flexible layout while reflecting her sense of style and her undeniable penchant for whimsy. By using both color and texture to the extreme in repeating bright and jewel tone velvets on all of the major furniture, Caroline has achieved a decidedly unique point of view that’s also fun, chic and comfortable. Inspired by 80s color blocking, she kept the lines clean so the colors could be outrageous.

Vintage chairs were street finds, now restored and re-upholstered. A gram-worthy glassware display.

She has no need to worry that all of this velvet might perish at her next party, photo shoot or recording session because it is all performance velvet with Crypton technology. This is feet-up velvet, wine-time velvet, move the furniture around velvet, pets-allowed velvet. It falls right into Caroline’s core belief that life is not perfect, no matter what it looks like on one’s Instagram feed. By preparing for the occasional spill or mishap, her hard-earned design with its vintage furniture finds and sleek new club chairs and sofa by Verellen will stay looking great.

Photographer and social media personality Caroline Lee at home on her Crypton velvet covered sofa.

It’s the perfect spot in so many ways to be the point of origin for her podcasts. “Out of Line” explores the insta-perfection conundrum in insightful interviews that reveal how major social media influencers approach a life/work blur centered around a disruptive and ever-evolving technology. She calls social media “this generation’s automobile invention,” and seeks to distinguish best practices and dish out practical advice for those who would venture into it as a vocation.? With her guests, she examines the business of content creation. The upside includes things like the freedom to work from anywhere, assemble the team you want, do work that inspires you, travel and make your own schedule. They also look at the very real potential pitfalls of a world where false constructs, phony perfection, self-centric content and out of control FOMO are dangerously common, and authenticity is at once an over-used clich? and a rarity. We recommend this podcast to those who would – and do – create.

A Verellen sofa in deep teal Crypton velvet by JF Fabrics anchors the living room.

We’re happy to say that Caroline, Jayden and Robert have become part of our Crypton extended family over the past year as they’ve shared the story of their home/work space. We’re passionate about creating technologies for fabrics that enable people to live their best lives and have freedom to enjoy beautiful things without worry. Those are stories we want to hear! Are you a designer with a cool project that features Crypton, or a creative using Crypton in interesting ways or a design lover/pet owner/parent with a story about the miraculous survival of your Crypton-covered sofa, chair, headboard, etc? We love it all! Please get in touch, tag or DM or email us on our Insta. Maybe we’ll tell your inspiring story, with your permission of course. There’s always room for more family here at Crypton!!

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