Crypton Debuts Velvet Performance Fabric with Arhaus and Architectural Digest

Crypton Debuts Velvet Performance Fabric with Arhaus and Architectural Digest for 30th Anniversary

November 20, 2023
A decadently long warm wood dining table is dressed for a multi-course meal and surrounded by Arhaus dining chairs covered with a shimmering mint green Crypton velvet.

Above | Luscious Arhaus Geoffrey Dining Chairs, upholstered in Vanni Velvet / Spa

Crypton Debuts Vanni Velvet Performance Fabric while celebrating 30th Anniversary with Friends 

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, a perfect NY evening in Tribeca, a group of the industry’s top designer friends gathered at the Maxwell Social house for a decadent, celebratory, Velvet Dinner hosted by Crypton Fabrics (yours truly), Arhaus, and AD Pro.

Inspired by the creative Salons that intellectuals and artists frequently held pre-modern media, Maxwell Social was the perfect backdrop for this intimate dinner party and to celebrate the launch of Arhaus’ fall catalog, including their new Crypton velvets. This intentional evening with some our favorite design minds gave us all a chance to connect, share ideas and discuss Arhaus’ fantastic trade benefits – all under the glow of candle light with velvet furniture all around.  

Guests were greeted with specialty cocktails like the Figgy Maple Bourbon Fizz (Bourbon courtesy of Brothers Bond Bourbon), prosecco, and enjoyed scrumptious Mezze platters while making their way through the richly decorated space. It was filled with vignettes featuring Arhaus’ newest furniture, upholstered with our newest collaborative Crypton velvet performance fabric — Vanni Velvet.  

Watch the video of the event below and then continue reading for all the details!

YouTube video

Elise Gabrielson and Niya Bascom of Ishka Designs

Creating the Best Velvet Performance Fabric for Upholstery

Arhaus has been a dedicated partner to Crypton for over five years and the beauty of our collaborative relationship is showcased in this stunning velvet collection. The Maxwell House vibrated with positive energy, and the evening was filled with interesting conversation and excited chatter. The Arhaus velvet seating — seating you could sink into — invited folks to pair off and relax while catching up with old friends and making new ones. As you can see from the chairs at the table and the napkins at the place setting, these fabrics are soft, sumptuous while also being durable and easy to clean.  

The LG Project velvet napkins and name ‘cards’ bookend the beautiful hand-illustrated menu designed by Dinner with Friends

Arhaus is a true partner. We share similar core values focusing on authenticity, quality & sustainability; we both manufacture in North Carolina; and we are both proud to bring American made heirloom quality fabrics and furniture (that were featured throughout the space) for design projects that can be loved, appreciated, and enjoyed, without worry, for generations.   

Joy Moyler, Joy Moyler Interiors

Ceron Sims, Arhaus

Once guests migrated into the dining room and settled in at the table, we enjoyed continued conversation over a a three course meal which included items like an endive & pear salad with port gastrique; a five spiced guinea hen and lemon-thyme roasted branzino; and a very special and unexpected crystallized gingersnap Oreo dessert.   

Left to Right | Rayman Boozer, Apartment 48; Elise Gabrielson, Crypton Fabrics; Leyden Lewis, Leyden Lewis Design Studio; Mel Studach, Architectural Digest; Josh Greene, Josh Greene Design; Kevin Whitley, Kevin Whitley J Design; Ceron Sims, Arhaus; Nicholas Obeid, Nicholas Obeid

Crypton Fabrics Celebrates 30 Years as the Standard for Indoor Performance Fabrics

We couldn’t have asked for a more lovely evening. Every detail was perfect, and every person had a fabulous time. This was, without a doubt, the best way we could have celebrated three decades of innovation, beauty, and relationship-building. 

Big thanks to our hosts — Arhaus and Architectural Digest — to everybody who touched the planning, execution, and promotion of this beautiful event, and to, of course, all the fabulous designers and creatives who brought with them warm, entertaining conversation that we never wanted to end. 

Take a look below for a full list of all the lovely folks who participated in the event! Watch the designer interviews again, captured by the Architectural Digest video team, on our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to explore Crypton velvet furniture at Arhaus!

Guest Thank You’s 

Joy Moyler, Joy Moyler Interiors 
Young Huh, Young Huh 
Rayman Boozer, Apartment 48 
Kyi Gyaw, Kyi Gyaw Interiors 
Leyden Lewis, Leyden Lewis Design Studio  
Josh Greene, Josh Greene Design 
Angie Eng, ASH Design 
Matt McKay, McKay 
Andrew Bowen, ASH Design 
Jenna Chused, Chused & Co 
Kevin Greenberg, Space Exploration 
Ahmad AbouZanat, Project AZ 
Anishka Clarke, Ishka Designs 
Nina Bascom, Ishka Designs 
Jordan Slocum, Brownstone Boys 
Barry Bordelon, Brownstone Boys 
Darren Jett, Jett Projects 
Jade McNeill, Jade McNeill Interiors 
Nichols Obeid, Nicholas Obeid

Arhaus Thank You’s 

Greg Strazzulla, Ceron Sims, Holly Porter, Emerson Zitzman, and Lauren Paat

Architectural Digest Thank You’s 

Melissa Studach, Jamie Koller, and Nicolle Zawacki 

Vendor Thank You’s 

Creative Edge Catering provided decadent platters; Maxwell Social captured perfect photographic moments; Dinner With Friends created our beautifully-scripted custom menu; The LG Project produced custom napkins, velvet name cards, and velvet slippers; She Wolf Bakery packed fresh bread in lovely gift bags; and Brothers Bond Bourbon provided the endless stream of delicious libations 

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