Leather/Vinyl Protector - Crypton
Crypton Leather and Vinyl Protector

Leather/Vinyl Protector

  • Decades of experience with Leather and Vinyl: Crypton Leather & Vinyl Protector replaces essential oils that are removed naturally during the cleaning process.
  • Restores natural oils and luster: Instantly restores beauty and luster back to the surface with a moist sponge or cloth.
  • A safer choice made in the USA: Provides an invisible, non-greasy protective shield that repels dirt and stains.
  • Specifically Formulated: Designed and tested by Crypton's team of textile and cleaning chemists to work on leather and vinyl.
  • Easy to use: Use this product on new, clean vinyl and semi-aniline leather. Squeeze the desired amount onto a barely-damp soft cloth. Apply solution liberally to the surface and polish using a soft, dry cloth. Use in combination with Crypton Leather & Vinyl Cleaner to gently cleanse leather or vinyl surfaces.