Crypton Revl

Revl (vinyl)

Crypton Revl: Our award-winning vinyl out performs out under the toughest conditions while always remaining fresh, bright and clean.

Crypton’s Revl has great color, texture and hand, and is designed to look great for years while always resist the toughest stains.

If its Crypton vinyl, you know  it is designed to perform under pressure but also remain beautiful and supple, protecting your design investment for years.  Soft yet strong, Revl resists all stains, even the dreaded permanent marker and denim dye transfer.  Available in a dizzying array of colors and patterns that work beatufiully in any environment. Extremely durable, easy to clean and odor-resistant vinyl. Stands up to repeated cleanings and disinfectants, remaining forever beautiful.

A vinyl that withstands the toughest stains:

  • Permanent marker
  • Dreaded dye transfer
  • Extreme cleaners and cleanings

Revl’s innovative stain resistance system provides the industry’s highest level of performance.

  • Superior Cleanability
  • Durable to harsh cleaners
  • Withstands repeated cleanings and disinfections
  • Resists odor causing bacteria
  • Made in the USA

Project types and requirements.

Project types:
  • Contract / commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
Project requirements
  • Coated fabrics