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Here’s what’s new at Crypton for contract and commercial designers.

Crypton Mills at Broad River.

We’re weaving the future of American-made textiles, with ingenuity, technology and design. By offering textiles woven on the banks of the Broad River in Cliffside, North Carolina, Crypton Mills can offer specifiers state-of-the-art fiber and fabric technologies crafted within the artisanal legacy of a centuries-old textile mill.

Here, we’re developing unprecedented textile innovations and performance capabilities. We’re also spinning customized yarns that open new levels of creative textile design. 

This vertical domestic production allows us to bypass supply chain challenges and deliver curated quick-ship programs, and timely delivery on both standard collections and made-to-order fabrics.

Crypton Quick Ship Collections.

Introducing the Crypton Quick Ship Collections, only from Crypton Mills. This quick ship curation will be available through our distributors and via your Crypton Direct membership. Starting in January 2022 specifiers can source Crypton Quick Ship Fabrics, delivered within four weeks. Crypton Mills Standard domestic ship times are also reasonable at 6 to 8 weeks. Sign up to learn more.

Innovations that make an impact.

Crypton Epure

Discover the world’s first and only environmental EPU made without plasticizers or solvents. Crafted by Crypton using a water-based process, Epure is a game-changing coated fabric perfect for high traffic areas and upholstered areas that need to be wipeable, disinfectable and impervious. It even resists upholstery’s nemesis – denim dye transfer. And durability? Epure weighs in at 1 million double rubs.


Exclusive innovations created to serve Contract designers.

Crypton Celliant

This is where easy care meets self-care. Coming in early 2022, we’ll launch Crypton Celliant, the first and only woven Celliant upholstery with Crypton performance. Crypton Celliant will unite Crypton’s spill, stain and odor protection, easy cleaning and durability with Celliant’s wellness-boosting infrared technology.

Crypton Performance Cotton

Crypton Performance Cotton

You’re not dreaming, we said cotton. Sustainably woven with 50% – 70% recycled cotton from the apparel industry. Made in America at The  Crypton Mills at Broad River, with the performance you love and textures you won’t believe.

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