Stain Resistant Fabric


Revolutionizing Performance


Carpets for high-traffic applications are typically limited to busy patterns and loud colors in order to distract the eye from the inevitable buildup of dirt and stains, but with Crypton technology that’s a tactic of the past.


Crypton Carpet is designed to be cleaned, not simply to camouflage. Developed using our patented Crypton technology, Crypton Carpet is infused with the stain and repellency protection necessary for high-traffic use. Every fiber of Crypton Carpet is surrounded by an ionic barrier that keeps stains from adhering to the fibers, making them extremely repellent to water and oil so that spills just sit on the surface of the carpet for easy clean-up.


As with all of our products, we take quality very seriously. Every dye lot is tested in the most sophisticated labs to ensure consistent, top-quality performance. Need proof? Crypton Carpet scores 10 out of 10 on the carpet industry’s standard AATCC 175 stain test, while some competing brands scored as low as 3, 4, and 6.

Signature Crypton Carpet Yellowstone Collection™

As part of the Yellowstone Park Foundation Greenest Park Initiative, Yellowstone was looking for an alternative recycling destination for the more than 56 tons of plastic bottle waste generated annually by visitors to Yellowstone National Park. In keeping with our commitment to environmentally responsible product development, Crypton has partnered with Signature Crypton Carpets and Yellowstone Park Foundation to find a solution. The result is by the far the most environmentally responsible commercial carpet in the world!

The Yellowstone Collection is made exclusively with a backing sourced from Yellowstone’s recycling program, upcycling the plastic bottle waste left by visitors to Yellowstone. The carpet contains yarns that are made from 100% recycled materials, and is manufactured with soy polyols instead of the petroleum-based products traditionally used in carpet manufacturing.

It feels good to give back, which is why Signature Carpet has pledged to donate 50 cents to the Yellowstone Park Foundation for every square yard of Yellowstone Collection sold. In 2012 that amounted to a $50,000 donation!

You, too, can contribute to this amazing natural legacy and national treasure by specifying the Yellowstone Collection, available in 5 patterns and 7 colorways, on your next commercial project!



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