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Crypton® is proud to be on the forefront of sustainable performance textile solutions. Our mission is to provide the best quality, style, selection, and service in the industry so you can focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Our products are engineered to perform, offering varying levels of protection for every type of project.  For applications where intense performance is key, Crypton Fabric is the gold standard. Crypton’s patented fabric and moisture barrier technology offers superior performance over any other fabric in its class, with exceptional protection from stains, odors, moisture, and mildew.

Not every project demands so much from its fabric, so Crypton also offers a line of finishes for nearly every performance need.

Since 1993, our technology has been revolutionizing industries worldwide. We invented the technology that makes it all possible, and for over 20 years we have continued to test and improve our science to deliver progressively higher durability ratings and greener chemistry to a growing network of partners and distributors.

Every project, every need… Crypton has you covered. Literally.

Proven Performance

The continued legacy of Crypton is one of trusted performance. For more than 20 years, we have been providing top performing products to a growing number of satisfied and returning customers. Our ongoing customer service and cleaning programs for the life of the fabric also give piece of mind.

Improvements over the years have resulted in a much softer hand than old stereotypes. In fact, because our 2.0 technology does not affect the look or feel of fabric, you are likely sitting on Crypton technology every day in restaurants, hotels, and stadiums around the country! More and more, designers and end users alike are looking to Crypton for its proven performance.

Innovation Comes Standard

Crypton is a homegrown, US-based company headquartered in Detroit, a city known for its long history of innovation. We work closely with licensed American mills to create beautiful fabrics that are woven to last. Crypton is the only textile solution offering lifelong stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria, and odor-resistant protection. In fact, Crypton is the sole fabric considered a non-porous surface by the EPA and is disinfectable when used in conjunction with EPA- approved Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer. What more could you ask for?

Flawless Style, Endless Beauty

Crypton has improved its formulations and processes over the years. This means that with recent innovations you will discover undetectable protection for even the most luxe fabrics, keeping your investments looking as fresh as the day they were created.

Beauty meets practicality, granting total design freedom in even the most high-wear environments. No longer obligated to vinyl or vinylized fabric solutions, or dark color selections to hide stains – now you’re free to choose the fabric that best fits your vision!

With more than 20,000 beautiful upholstery fabric options, Crypton empowers you to create warm, inviting spaces that combine extraordinary performance with function and style. Our network of partners and distributors offer Crypton protection on an increasing number of products, making it easy to find just the right fabric for the job!

Hardest-Working Products in the Industry

With more than 120 million yards of Crypton being used by the biggest names in the hospitality, education, senior living, and healthcare industries, Crypton has set the standard for performance fabric in the toughest of furniture applications.

Crypton is more than a fabric company. From indoor and outdoor fabrics, to finishes, and our other technologies – including vinyl, leather, wall-panel, mattress & bedding, carpet, and cleaners – all Crypton products undergo rigorous performance testing, ensuring unbeatable quality and return on investment.

Midwestern Friendly, Worldly Focused

When you choose Crypton, you’re not just buying a product – you’re gaining access to a world-class customer support and sales team of professionals ready with solutions to help you quickly address all of your design, cleaning, and maintenance needs. Excellent customer service staff and knowledgeable product representatives are a big part of what makes Crypton so different!

Stewardship is Our Standard

We’re a family company, so the way we see it, business is a whole lot more than meeting sales quotas. At Crypton, we believe that the activities we fill our lives with matter, and that carries over to the way we conduct our business day-to-day.

Our lives are interconnected with our community and the environment, and the world we live in is of our own making. This philosophy drives every aspect of our business – from our people, plant, and manufacturing processes to the research we conduct every day. We tirelessly seek innovative solutions that will also advance our efforts to further reduce our environmental impact, offering responsible textile solutions that honor the broader goals of society.

Top Air Quality Standards

All of our technologies pass CA Standard Section 01350 for indoor air quality, and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. We do not add formaldehyde to any products.

Bio-Based Content

Crypton is committed to finding ways of reducing our dependency on non-renewable materials. Over the years we’ve worked hard to radically reduce our reliance on petroleum-based materials by streamlining our production processes. Improvements to our moisture barrier include the addition of polymers derived from renewable, farm-grown raw feedstock materials, such as corn.

Greener Chemistry

Our expert chemists work to constantly improve Crypton’s formulas, and these efforts have helped us to become industry leaders on the green chemistry front. Here’s just a small glimpse of our efforts in this area of innovation:

  • Crypton has eliminated all PFOA- and PFOS-containing long-chain C8 chemistry from our fluorinated formulas in favor of C6 chemistry, which is not bio-accumulative or toxic.  We have also developed a fluorine-free finish, C Zero, for protection against water-based stains.
  • We avoid the addition of flame retardants unless required by application codes for specific markets, like automotive and IMO, and we have followed the EU’s lead in the elimination of all halogenated flame retardants in instances where flame retardants must be used to meet code.
  • The Silver Ion technology that provides our anti-microbial protection has a lower water solubility than standard formulas, which means lower aquatic toxicity and higher treatability.

Smarter Manufacturing Processes

We are proud of the efforts we’ve taken over the years to improve our production efficiencies, which we achieve in a number of ways. We’ve taken measures to reduce water consumption and purchase renewable energy certificates. By streamlining our production line, we have been able to burn less natural gas, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce electricity consumption. We also strive to close the loop in our industrial processes by recycling 100 percent of our fabric scraps into shoddy, and capturing waste technology to be reused in production.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has completed a third-party Facility Validation of Crypton’s Kings Mountain, NC plant. This means Crypton materials and manufacturing processes conform to all prerequisites and some optional credits for FactsCM (NSF 336), the sustainability assessment standard for commercial upholstery. A growing number of third-party certified Crypton fabric options are available.

Environmentally Preferable Fibers

While all Crypton products are made with the same environmentally conscious technology and processes, Crypton Green Fabric sets an even higher bar for green product standards. In order to be considered Crypton Green Fabric, the content of the fabric arriving from our mills for processing must meet certain environmental standards for recycled content, recyclability, and/or be heavy-metal-free.

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